Introducing Flight Status for Android

Our Flight Status app has been available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Mac platforms. We are exited to announce the availability on a new platform, Android.

As you’d expect, the application carries the same set of core features as our other apps. It even presents a very consistent user interface with our mobile versions of other platforms. But it does take advantage of the native Android capabilities.

I am not going to talk about every feature here. For that, please check out this application page.  At its core though, the app lets you check the status of all flights worldwide one year in advance. It comes with interactive maps and options to save flights as Trips for future access. There are ofcourse many goodies.

The application is really optimized for the phone version of Android. It is made to work in multiple devices and resolutions. Note that this is the first version and you should expect to see many new improvements to the app moving forward.

Do visit the Android page for Flight Status. Also, check out our other Android apps. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line.


Introducing Flight Status for Mac

We have a new addition to our Mac application portfolio. Flight Status, our most successful app for the iPhone/iPad is now available on Mac through the Mac AppStore.

The application packs powerful features with an elegant user interface. You can check the status of all commercial flights worldwide covering 4200+ airports and 1200+ airlines. You can check the status of a flight by flight number or by route (flights between two airport).

Flights can be saved to Trips to track the flight information easily. Flight information displayed includes flight timings info, delays, cancellations, gate, terminal, baggage information and more.

Interactive maps accompany various modules of the application. If you prefer full-screen mode, the app does support it. With this new platform addition, the app is now available on iPhone/iPad & Mac making it the only flight status application available on these three platforms.

The application was launched recently to help you with your summer travel. You can download it from Mac AppStore for $6.99.

Introducing Currency Exchange for Android

We are excited to announce our third Android Application – Currency Exchange. This is one of our early iPhone apps and we are excited to bring this to Android as well. Our previous two Android apps were built for Android Tablets. But this app is built for Android phones.

Currency Exchange is an extremely easy to use application for currency conversion with support for 90 currencies. To use the app, you just need to pick the currencies in the picker and you are all set. No unnecessary details. Even the keyboard is hidden by default. If you want to change the value, tap on ht number and the keypad comes in. If you want to see the conversion over 7 or 3 days, just turn the device horizontally. Its as simple as that.

There are other options to manually select currencies, auto-remembering previous used ones etc. We hope you like this application and are looking forward to your feedback.

Arrivals & Departures Update

Yesterday, we rolled out an update to our Arrivals & Departures app for Mac. The update includes features requested by our users. Thank you all for your feedback and please keep it coming.

Two key features stand-out in this update. 1) Option to sort and view flights by City, Airline, Gate, Status, Time etc. and 2) Option to view in full screen mode. We think the app rocks in full screen mode. We hope you agree.

We also have many other improvements like filtering flights will also filter them on the map, and many more. We hope you like this update. Please keep your feedback coming

Introducing Units for Android – The unique Unit Converter

Android apps are typically known to have a lower quality compared to iOS apps. There are several reasons why this is the case. But when it comes to our apps, we want to maintain similar quality, no matter what the platform is. I am proud to introduce a new addition to our Android apps – Units – The Unit Converter application optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets.

The application looks and works exactly like our iOS version. It supports over 270 units across 18 categories including currency conversion. The best feature of the app has to be the unique user interface. There are tens of unit converter apps on Android, but this does stand out from the crowd.

You can purchase the app here in Android Market for $0.99.  If you have any suggestions/feedback, please drop us a line.

Introducing Arrivals & Departures for Mac

We have a new travel app for the Mac – Arrivals & Departures. It is currently available on the Mac AppStore for $4.99. What is it about? You might have noticed Arrivals & Departures monitors at the airports, like this one.

Well, our app is like that monitor, but for any airport in the world, interactive, with additional flight status information, with interactive maps etc. If you are familiar with our Flight Monitor app (for iPad and iPhone), then you are already familiar with this Mac app.

You search any airport in the world (over 4000 airports) to view all Arrivals & Departures along with an interactive map. Please do check it out. Additional information is available here. You can buy it on Mac AppStore.

Introducing Currency Converter for Mac

We started with apps for the iPhone, then extended it to iPad, followed it up with new apps for Android. There is yet another category we are starting – Mac. We recently launched our first app on the Mac App Store – Currency Converter. This is the same app that is available on iPhone, iPad and recently launched Android tablet version.

As you’d expect, we replicated the iPad/Android functionality in the Mac version as well, keeping it very simple to use. As usual, it is different with map based conversion. You select your base currency first and then click on the country on the map and it will display the conversion information. Thats it. No more complicated features.


The application can now be downloaded from the Mac AppStore here. Looking forward to your feedback.

Our First Android App: Currency Converter

Over the past 2 years, we have focused our efforts on iOS primarily. We are now expanding our development to Android. We are delighted to announce the availability of our first application on Android – Currency Converter. You can purchase the app directly from Android Market here.

There are many currency converters available in the Android Market today. But our application remains unique where the conversion is done when you tap on a country in the map – similar to our iPad implementation. It is educational and fun to use too.

As there are tens of currency conversion apps available for the Android phones. So we decided to start with the tablet version first (Honeycomb). For now, our Currency Converter works on Android tablets that run Honeycomb – like Motorola Xoom.

We’d like to hear from you on what other apps you’d like to see from us on Android.

10 Billion Downloads

Contrats to Apple & AppStore for 10 Billion downloads. This is a great sign….

BTW, this graphic on Apple home page prominently displays Flight Status icon.

Airport Info is now Flight Monitor, Brand New Design

Some time last year while flying from Washington DC, this Arrivals/Departures screen attracted me.

I noticed almost similar screens in several airports and I wanted to an app that basically displays the same data with similar design on your phone. I delayed the product as I was not convinced about the form factor of a phone for this purpose. I thought the phone lacked the real-estate to pack all information.  So I kept delaying the project.

Then the iPad launched and we wanted to implement this for the iPad as it is the perfect device for something like this. As we were busy porting all our existing apps to iPad, we didn’t have enough time to implement this design. So we went ahead with some basic design and launched out Airport Info app. You’ll notice that the Arrivals/Departures section we had in there is standard one we had in our other apps.

Here we are months later updating the Airport Info app with the design we always wanted. Our latest update of Airport Info now focuses more on Arrivals & Departures and includes all other goodies we have in our previous version. The application is now called ‘Flight Monitor’.

As you see here, the application is largely inspired by the screen I saw at the airport. But then we took it few steps further. You’ll notice interactive maps for the selected airport. Selecting the flight on the monitor or tapping the flight icon in the map will display the status of that flight. In fact, if you like the map, you can expand it and give it more real-estate. In the expanded mode, you’ll notice our other options where you can view Airport Delays, Airport Weather etc. It also displays Restaurants, Coffee Shops, parking lots, car rentals and more in and around the selected airport.

The application ofcourse is available on the iPhone as well. Given the screen real-estate, the content displayed in the interface is limited. But when you tap on an flight, you can view all the details in the flight details screen.

Based on the amount of time we spent on this update, it is almost like a new release for us.We are happy with the output of the application. We hope you like this too. If you like it, please drop us a review in AppStore. We are currently working on updating the lite version with similar interface. It may not make it this holiday season, but it sure will be there in Jan.

We hope you like the change. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.