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Introducing Trips App for Android

We are excited to announce a new addition to our Android application set.We just rolled out our Trips App on Android.

The application lets you organize your travel. You can add various plans to the application like Flight, Hotel, Car Rental, Cruise, Rail, Meeting, Events and more. Your complete travel itinerary can be managed in this free application. If you want up to date flight information, we have a Flight Status add-on that provides up to date information about all flights, worldwide.

Trips app integrates with, a web application that helps you organize your travel. All your data will be synced with Data saved directly in will be synced with the mobile app. Ofcourse, your data will also be synced with iPhone, iPad, Android and Web Apps providing you access to all your travel information in a single place.

Please download the app (its free) and let us know your feedback.


Flight Status Apps integrate with

We pushed out several updates to our Flight Status apps. Primary change is integration with, the online travel planner. Now the following flight status applications can sync your flight information with

This means no matter where you save your flight information, all your apps will be updated.

Flight Status for Android gets Push Notifications, Mocha & TripIt Integration

We just pushed out an update to the Android version of our Flight Status App. This is a major update and it includes three key features among many others. Here are the key features.

Push Notifications

In this update, we added push notifications. When you save a flight to the Trips section, push notifications are enabled by default. We included some flight notifications for free. But you can always purchase additional flight notifications if you need more. You can control what kind of notifications you’d like to receive under the Settings section. Integration

Our Flight Status iPhone version recently integrated with We are happy to extend this integration to Android as well. With, you get two way integration. Flights added on your app are added to automatically. All your flight information is synced with Mocha both ways. This integration is available for all users, for free.

TripIt Integration

If you are a TripIt user, we have some good news. You can now purchase our TripIt Sync module within the app. It’ll download all your flights from TripIt. To add a new flight, forward your flight confirmation email to TripIt and it’ll appear in your Flight Status App.

We hope you like these changes. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this update.

Arrivals & Departure App is now available on Android

We are excited to announce a new addition to our Android App portfolio. We just pushed out our Arrivals & Departure app on Android, for android phones.

It packs all the features of our Arrivals & Departures app (also called Airport Monitor) including worldwide Airport Arrival & Departure information, interactive maps and flight status.

We hope you like this app. Please give it a try and drop us a line if you’d like to see more apps or more functionality.

Flight Status App featured in Android Market

We are existed to see our recently released Flight Status App for Android featured in the Android Market. A big thanks to Android team.

We are glad Android team likes our app. We hope our users like it too. As always, we’d like to hear your feedback on the app.

Introducing Next Flight for Android

We have another travel application for Android users this summer. Introducing Next Flight.

So, what is it about? If you every missed a flight and wanted to see if there are alternate flights, then this app is for you. Or if you came in early to an airport and wanted to see if you can hop on an earlier flight, then this app is for you. Frequent fliers know what I am talking about.

The application is simple and intuitive. Just input the departing and arriving airport info, it’ll show you the list of all direct flights flying between these airports, across all airlines. You can even check the status of each of the flights, the terminal and gate from which they are leaving.

Additional information about this application is available in the Next Flight info page. You can purchase it for $3.99 at Android Market. Also, check out our other Android Apps.

Introducing Currency Exchange for Android

We are excited to announce our third Android Application – Currency Exchange. This is one of our early iPhone apps and we are excited to bring this to Android as well. Our previous two Android apps were built for Android Tablets. But this app is built for Android phones.

Currency Exchange is an extremely easy to use application for currency conversion with support for 90 currencies. To use the app, you just need to pick the currencies in the picker and you are all set. No unnecessary details. Even the keyboard is hidden by default. If you want to change the value, tap on ht number and the keypad comes in. If you want to see the conversion over 7 or 3 days, just turn the device horizontally. Its as simple as that.

There are other options to manually select currencies, auto-remembering previous used ones etc. We hope you like this application and are looking forward to your feedback.

Introducing Units for Android – The unique Unit Converter

Android apps are typically known to have a lower quality compared to iOS apps. There are several reasons why this is the case. But when it comes to our apps, we want to maintain similar quality, no matter what the platform is. I am proud to introduce a new addition to our Android apps – Units – The Unit Converter application optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets.

The application looks and works exactly like our iOS version. It supports over 270 units across 18 categories including currency conversion. The best feature of the app has to be the unique user interface. There are tens of unit converter apps on Android, but this does stand out from the crowd.

You can purchase the app here in Android Market for $0.99.  If you have any suggestions/feedback, please drop us a line.