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Introducing Expense.Reports

We have a new application for iPhone users – Expense.Reports. It is an easy way to record your expenses and create expense reports.

You can quickly record your expenses on the go and create Expense reports with just few taps. If you are tired of carrying those receipts in your wallet, you can take a photo of the receipt and attach it to an expense. You can easily create Expense Reports, add expenses and email the expense report in Microsoft Excel format and download the receipts attached to the expense report.

We hope you like this addition. Please give it a try. The app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users from AppStore.


Flight Status Apps integrate with

We pushed out several updates to our Flight Status apps. Primary change is integration with, the online travel planner. Now the following flight status applications can sync your flight information with

This means no matter where you save your flight information, all your apps will be updated.

Flight Status Apps integrate with

We launched an update to our Flight Status & Flight Status Pro apps today. It has some nice additions like the ability to swap arrivals and departure airport in Route Search screen and more. But the biggest feature in this update is integration.

So, what is is an online travel planner. It is a web application where you can manage you travel at a single place. With this update, our Flight Status App integrate with This integration is similar to our TripIt integration, but tighter.

Our Flight Status App users can now create a (Free) account right within the app. Once logged in, any flight that is added to your Flight Status app will be added to as well. If you prefer entering data on your desktop, you can do so in and your Flight Status apps will sync with This works on our iPhone and iPad versions of Flight Status App. We plan to integrate with the Mac version of our Flight Status soon.

We are excited about the integration. We hope you’ll find it useful. We are waiting to hear your feedback.

Airport Info is now Flight Monitor, Brand New Design

Some time last year while flying from Washington DC, this Arrivals/Departures screen attracted me.

I noticed almost similar screens in several airports and I wanted to an app that basically displays the same data with similar design on your phone. I delayed the product as I was not convinced about the form factor of a phone for this purpose. I thought the phone lacked the real-estate to pack all information.  So I kept delaying the project.

Then the iPad launched and we wanted to implement this for the iPad as it is the perfect device for something like this. As we were busy porting all our existing apps to iPad, we didn’t have enough time to implement this design. So we went ahead with some basic design and launched out Airport Info app. You’ll notice that the Arrivals/Departures section we had in there is standard one we had in our other apps.

Here we are months later updating the Airport Info app with the design we always wanted. Our latest update of Airport Info now focuses more on Arrivals & Departures and includes all other goodies we have in our previous version. The application is now called ‘Flight Monitor’.

As you see here, the application is largely inspired by the screen I saw at the airport. But then we took it few steps further. You’ll notice interactive maps for the selected airport. Selecting the flight on the monitor or tapping the flight icon in the map will display the status of that flight. In fact, if you like the map, you can expand it and give it more real-estate. In the expanded mode, you’ll notice our other options where you can view Airport Delays, Airport Weather etc. It also displays Restaurants, Coffee Shops, parking lots, car rentals and more in and around the selected airport.

The application ofcourse is available on the iPhone as well. Given the screen real-estate, the content displayed in the interface is limited. But when you tap on an flight, you can view all the details in the flight details screen.

Based on the amount of time we spent on this update, it is almost like a new release for us.We are happy with the output of the application. We hope you like this too. If you like it, please drop us a review in AppStore. We are currently working on updating the lite version with similar interface. It may not make it this holiday season, but it sure will be there in Jan.

We hope you like the change. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Flight Status now supports Push Notifications

When we rolled out Flight Status 8.0 update we added several new features. We included these features in Flight Status Pro as well. There was one feature that didn’t work in the 8.0 update. That was push notifications. Our next update 8.1 fixed this issue.

The latest version of Flight Status supports Push Notifications. You can enable notifications in the flight status screen. As a user, you also have options to configure the kind of notifications you want to receive .

By default, we included the option to enable notifications for 5 flights. If you want to track additional flights, an In-App purchase option is available.

We hope you like this new feature.  Please let me know if you have any comments.

Flight Status Pro 4.0 includes Push Notifications and More

Before you head out this holiday season, make sure you update your Flight Status Applications. Our Flight Status Pro app has been approved today and it is currently available on AppStore with lots of goodies. So what’s new? Here are some…

Push Notifications

This has been a LONG pending item for our apps. We finally rolled out Push Notifications. This means, you need not open the app to check the status of the flight. Status will now come to you. You’ll be notified on flight timings changes, gate changes etc. More importantly, we give you the option to enable/disable different kind of notifications in the settings section.

When you add a flight to a trip, push notifications are not enabled by default. You have to manually enable these notifications in the flight status screen for the flights you want to receive notifications.

By default, you can enable push notifications for 10 flights for free. If you want to do this for additional flights, it is mere $1.99 for 10 flights.


We have added several sharing options in the app. In the status screen, if you choose the more options button (botton right corner), you’ll see multiple share options. You can email flight info, SMS flight info and you can also share this info through Twitter & Facebook.

Sharing doesn’t end there. We added something none of the other apps have – WiFi sharing. When two users have our Apps open and are connected to the same WiFI network, you can share flights with each other. You’ll see the other device name in this section and sharing is just a tap away. Sharing works across devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod) as well as across apps (Flight Status & Flight Status Pro).

Calendar Sync

If you have a flight added to Trip, you can now sync those flights with your Calendar. You can enable this option in the settings screen. As we support iOS 4.2, Calendar sync works both on iPhone and iPad. In this version, we don’t sync TripIt flights, but we will support this soon.


We added maps across the app. Maps are now available in the Trips section, flight search (for multi-segment flights), Route Search and Airport search. Ofcourse, these maps are zoomable and you can choose the map style you prefer. Set the map style in the settings screen and this will take effect across the app.

Other Changes

There are several other changes in the app. iPhone users will notice a crisper display as we support Retina display. We also support multi-tasking. We also added an option to add flights without searching for them. There are many other goodies in the app.

All these features except Push Notifications are already available in the recent update of Flight Status. Push Notifications will also be available in our next update of Flight Status version. So if you an existing Flight Status user, you need not shell our another $9 to get these features. You can just buy this module.

This is one of the biggest update we have ever done. We hope you like the changes. If you’d like to see more, please drop us a line.

Happy Holidays!!!

New York Times Recommends Next Flight

Not too often an app is mentioned in sites like New York times, especially when there are over 15,000 apps available on the AppStore. This week, New York Times mentions one of our apps – Next Flight – in their article ‘Airport Apps That Put You First in Line“. Read the entire article here.

Ofcourse, if you haven’t tried the app, please do. It is available on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

On a related note, we think our Flight Status Apps are the best in the category. You might want to check them out.

CNN Travel recommends Flight Status


CNN Travel picked 5 travel apps to soothe holiday travel woes. Flight Status is the first among them. Check out the entire article here.

Flight Status

No matter the airline or the destination, Flight Status allows you to get real-time updates on all aspects of your flight. The travel app provides you with information about delays, expected arrival times and baggage claim numbers. If you’re not the one flying, this app also helps you pick up relatives from the airport at the right time.

Next Flight: Redesigned & Available on iPad

Today, Apple approved an update to our Next Flight app. It has been completely redesigned and is now available on the iPad as well.

We basically borrowed lot of the design aspects form our Flight Status App and you’ll clearly notice the improvements in the app.

We also introduced Maps within the app. This is new to all existing Next Flight users.

The app ofcourse comes with an elegantly designed iPad version.

I’d recommend you to try the app yourself. It is currently available on the AppStore.

Photo Share App now Supports Twitter

The latest version of our Photo Share app has been approved and it now allows you to upload photos to Twitter.

To upload a photo to Twitter, you first need to signin to your Twitter account. To upload it, just push the photo towards the Twitter icon and it’ll upload the photo, give you the URL of the photo with an option to edit your tweet. You can add a message and tweet the message directly. It is as simple as that.

We hope you like this new feature.