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Flight Status Apps integrate with

We pushed out several updates to our Flight Status apps. Primary change is integration with, the online travel planner. Now the following flight status applications can sync your flight information with

This means no matter where you save your flight information, all your apps will be updated.


Flight Status Apps integrate with

We launched an update to our Flight Status & Flight Status Pro apps today. It has some nice additions like the ability to swap arrivals and departure airport in Route Search screen and more. But the biggest feature in this update is integration.

So, what is is an online travel planner. It is a web application where you can manage you travel at a single place. With this update, our Flight Status App integrate with This integration is similar to our TripIt integration, but tighter.

Our Flight Status App users can now create a (Free) account right within the app. Once logged in, any flight that is added to your Flight Status app will be added to as well. If you prefer entering data on your desktop, you can do so in and your Flight Status apps will sync with This works on our iPhone and iPad versions of Flight Status App. We plan to integrate with the Mac version of our Flight Status soon.

We are excited about the integration. We hope you’ll find it useful. We are waiting to hear your feedback.

Introducing Flight Status for Mac

We have a new addition to our Mac application portfolio. Flight Status, our most successful app for the iPhone/iPad is now available on Mac through the Mac AppStore.

The application packs powerful features with an elegant user interface. You can check the status of all commercial flights worldwide covering 4200+ airports and 1200+ airlines. You can check the status of a flight by flight number or by route (flights between two airport).

Flights can be saved to Trips to track the flight information easily. Flight information displayed includes flight timings info, delays, cancellations, gate, terminal, baggage information and more.

Interactive maps accompany various modules of the application. If you prefer full-screen mode, the app does support it. With this new platform addition, the app is now available on iPhone/iPad & Mac making it the only flight status application available on these three platforms.

The application was launched recently to help you with your summer travel. You can download it from Mac AppStore for $6.99.

Units: Now available on iPad

When we launched our Units app for the iPhone, we were excited about the new and unique interface we introduced. Even today, our Units app remains as one of the best designed apps on the iPhone.

We are now bringing this goodness to the iPad. The 2.0 version of the app is now available on the iPad as well. While we could have simply kept the user interface similar to the iPhone version, we decided not to take that route. We wanted to take advantage of the additional space available on the iPad. So we optimized the app for the additional real-estate.

As you see, the interface looks simple and elegant. It just works. If you need to change a value, just tap on the number and a keyboard pops up. You can select the categories and units you want using the settings icon and you can enable/disable additional options in the info screen on the right. Thats about it.

The app is available to all existing users of Units on the iPhone for free. As always, we look forward to your feedback on improving these apps.

Photo Share App now Supports Twitter

The latest version of our Photo Share app has been approved and it now allows you to upload photos to Twitter.

To upload a photo to Twitter, you first need to signin to your Twitter account. To upload it, just push the photo towards the Twitter icon and it’ll upload the photo, give you the URL of the photo with an option to edit your tweet. You can add a message and tweet the message directly. It is as simple as that.

We hope you like this new feature.


The Currency Converter – Now available on iPad

One of our successful apps on the iPhone is now ported over to iPad, and it is an elegant implementation.

Most of the currency apps you find in the AppStore follow a common approach with huge keyboard, currency selection etc. We wanted to take a different approach to currency conversion, but keeping the entire experience extremely simple. We are proud to say that we think we achieved this with our iPad design.

Using the app is simple. You first need to select your base currency, similar to the iPhone version of the app. Then, just tap on a country the map for which you’d like to see the conversion. Thats it.

The app ofcourse supports multiple map styles, auto-update and even includes c graph. The app requites connectivity.

We hope you like this app. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Airport Info App launches on iPad

Expanding our portfolio on iPad, we are excited to announce yet another universal application for the iPad – Airport Info. This is our sixth iPad app. Again, instead of creating a new app, we decided to make it a universal app, making it available to all our existing paid users.

Please try this app and provide your feedback.

The Solitaire: Quarter Million Downloads

Not so long ago, we launched our Solitaire App for the iPad. We thought iPad will be a great device to play card games like Solitaire. We were not wrong. We liked the application we created and we initially offered the app for $0.99. After few days, we rolled out the application for free.

Since then, the application bubbled to the top. It was the #1 Free App on the AppStore for the iPad for about a week. As you can imagine, we are extremely excited about the app and the number of downloads.

On the day Apple announced that it sold 2 Million iPads, we hit 250,000 downloads for the Solitaire app. This means, about 12% of iPads users installed our application. This is extremely exciting.

We’d like to thank all of you for downloading the app and supporting us. We have more goodies coming to our app. If you haven’t tried the app, please do so. It is free.

The Solitaire: Number 1 Free App on the iPad

We made it. Just in 4 days, The Solitaire application is now the most popular application in the AppStore on iPad. We are extremely excited to say the least.

One of the most requested feature by our users is the 3 card draw option. We are currently working on this. We plan to push it out very soon. There are more goodies coming in for the app. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see additional features, please drop us a line.

Solitaire iPad app in #3 Spot

Not very often you get to see your app in top 100 list ( i am not talking about category level top 100 lists, but top 100 list across the board). In just 2 days our Solitaire app not only made it to the top lists but it went all the way up to the #3 spot under free apps category. Our app is currently right next to Apple’s own iBooks app. All of this happened in just 2 days and the app was never even featured by Apple.

We are grateful to the users supporting us. Based on the feedback, we will add more features and will keep improving the app. Here is to hoping that it’ll make it to #1 position.