Flight Status Apps integrate with http://Mocha.co

We launched an update to our Flight Status & Flight Status Pro apps today. It has some nice additions like the ability to swap arrivals and departure airport in Route Search screen and more. But the biggest feature in this update is Mocha.co integration.

So, what is Mocha.co?

Mocha.co is an online travel planner. It is a web application where you can manage you travel at a single place. With this update, our Flight Status App integrate with Mocha.co. This integration is similar to our TripIt integration, but tighter.

Our Flight Status App users can now create a (Free) Mocha.co account right within the app. Once logged in, any flight that is added to your Flight Status app will be added to Mocha.co as well. If you prefer entering data on your desktop, you can do so in Mocha.co and your Flight Status apps will sync with  Mocha.co. This works on our iPhone and iPad versions of Flight Status App. We plan to integrate with the Mac version of our Flight Status soon.

We are excited about the Mocha.co integration. We hope you’ll find it useful. We are waiting to hear your feedback.


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  1. […] Flight Status iPhone version recently integrated with Mocha.co. We are happy to extend this integration to Android as well. With Mocha.co, you get two way […]

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