Introducing Flight Status for Android

Our Flight Status app has been available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Mac platforms. We are exited to announce the availability on a new platform, Android.

As you’d expect, the application carries the same set of core features as our other apps. It even presents a very consistent user interface with our mobile versions of other platforms. But it does take advantage of the native Android capabilities.

I am not going to talk about every feature here. For that, please check out this application page.  At its core though, the app lets you check the status of all flights worldwide one year in advance. It comes with interactive maps and options to save flights as Trips for future access. There are ofcourse many goodies.

The application is really optimized for the phone version of Android. It is made to work in multiple devices and resolutions. Note that this is the first version and you should expect to see many new improvements to the app moving forward.

Do visit the Android page for Flight Status. Also, check out our other Android apps. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line.


2 comments so far

  1. […] are existed to see our recently released Flight Status App for Android featured in the Android Market. A big thanks to Android […]

  2. Mary on

    I was excited when I heardd about this app for my Android. But it doesn’t give accurate information. I’ve checked on three flights today, all saying they are on time, when in fact all have been cancelled.

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