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Introducing Currency Exchange for Android

We are excited to announce our third Android Application – Currency Exchange. This is one of our early iPhone apps and we are excited to bring this to Android as well. Our previous two Android apps were built for Android Tablets. But this app is built for Android phones.

Currency Exchange is an extremely easy to use application for currency conversion with support for 90 currencies. To use the app, you just need to pick the currencies in the picker and you are all set. No unnecessary details. Even the keyboard is hidden by default. If you want to change the value, tap on ht number and the keypad comes in. If you want to see the conversion over 7 or 3 days, just turn the device horizontally. Its as simple as that.

There are other options to manually select currencies, auto-remembering previous used ones etc. We hope you like this application and are looking forward to your feedback.


Arrivals & Departures Update

Yesterday, we rolled out an update to our Arrivals & Departures app for Mac. The update includes features requested by our users. Thank you all for your feedback and please keep it coming.

Two key features stand-out in this update. 1) Option to sort and view flights by City, Airline, Gate, Status, Time etc. and 2) Option to view in full screen mode. We think the app rocks in full screen mode. We hope you agree.

We also have many other improvements like filtering flights will also filter them on the map, and many more. We hope you like this update. Please keep your feedback coming

Introducing Units for Android – The unique Unit Converter

Android apps are typically known to have a lower quality compared to iOS apps. There are several reasons why this is the case. But when it comes to our apps, we want to maintain similar quality, no matter what the platform is. I am proud to introduce a new addition to our Android apps – Units – The Unit Converter application optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets.

The application looks and works exactly like our iOS version. It supports over 270 units across 18 categories including currency conversion. The best feature of the app has to be the unique user interface. There are tens of unit converter apps on Android, but this does stand out from the crowd.

You can purchase the app here in Android Market for $0.99.  If you have any suggestions/feedback, please drop us a line.