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Introducing Arrivals & Departures for Mac

We have a new travel app for the Mac – Arrivals & Departures. It is currently available on the Mac AppStore for $4.99. What is it about? You might have noticed Arrivals & Departures monitors at the airports, like this one.

Well, our app is like that monitor, but for any airport in the world, interactive, with additional flight status information, with interactive maps etc. If you are familiar with our Flight Monitor app (for iPad and iPhone), then you are already familiar with this Mac app.

You search any airport in the world (over 4000 airports) to view all Arrivals & Departures along with an interactive map. Please do check it out. Additional information is available here. You can buy it on Mac AppStore.


Introducing Currency Converter for Mac

We started with apps for the iPhone, then extended it to iPad, followed it up with new apps for Android. There is yet another category we are starting – Mac. We recently launched our first app on the Mac App Store – Currency Converter. This is the same app that is available on iPhone, iPad and recently launched Android tablet version.

As you’d expect, we replicated the iPad/Android functionality in the Mac version as well, keeping it very simple to use. As usual, it is different with map based conversion. You select your base currency first and then click on the country on the map and it will display the conversion information. Thats it. No more complicated features.


The application can now be downloaded from the Mac AppStore here. Looking forward to your feedback.