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CNN Travel recommends Flight Status


CNN Travel picked 5 travel apps to soothe holiday travel woes. Flight Status is the first among them. Check out the entire article here.

Flight Status

No matter the airline or the destination, Flight Status allows you to get real-time updates on all aspects of your flight. The travel app provides you with information about delays, expected arrival times and baggage claim numbers. If you’re not the one flying, this app also helps you pick up relatives from the airport at the right time.


Units: Now available on iPad

When we launched our Units app for the iPhone, we were excited about the new and unique interface we introduced. Even today, our Units app remains as one of the best designed apps on the iPhone.

We are now bringing this goodness to the iPad. The 2.0 version of the app is now available on the iPad as well. While we could have simply kept the user interface similar to the iPhone version, we decided not to take that route. We wanted to take advantage of the additional space available on the iPad. So we optimized the app for the additional real-estate.

As you see, the interface looks simple and elegant. It just works. If you need to change a value, just tap on the number and a keyboard pops up. You can select the categories and units you want using the settings icon and you can enable/disable additional options in the info screen on the right. Thats about it.

The app is available to all existing users of Units on the iPhone for free. As always, we look forward to your feedback on improving these apps.