Flight Status 7.1 launches with Flight Maps for Airport Search

When we launched our 7.0 update to Flight Status, several users complained about a crash issue. This issue occurred when some of our users upgraded from older versions (pre-6.0). In our most recent update – 7.1, we fixed all the crash issues. This should be a pretty stable release.

Flight Maps for Airport Search

Extending the zoomable maps feature we added in our previous version, we now extended this to search. On iPhone, when you search for flights by Airport, you’ll now see a ‘Maps’ tab on the top. This will display the departing/arriving flights for the selected airports. You see too many flights? You can filter them using the ‘Filter’ option you can find in the flight listing page. Ofcourse, you have options to change the map style.

On the iPad version, when you do an airport search, you can view the map on the right in landscape mode. Additional options like filtering & map style are all available. When you tap on the flight icon on iPad version, you’ll see the flight status information right on the map.

We hope you like this update. If you’d like to see more features, please drop us a line.


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