Flight Status & Flight Status Pro get important upgrades

This week, we rolled important updates to our Flight Status and Flight Status Pro applications. These are important milestones for these apps. For both versions, this is an major upgrade.


The most important aspect you’ll visually notice is the maps. We now introduced brand new zoomable maps. We use Google Maps and the flight path estimates are drawn in the app and this looks incredible. If you try this on iPad, you’ll love this.

We didn’t just provide one map style, but we provided three – Satellite, Hybrid & Standard. Apart from that, we even retained our static maps from FlightView if you prefer that. You can change the map style from the settings section within the app.

As you notice in these screenshots, we just didn’t add interactive maps, we made it really useful. You can tap on the airport to zoom into the airport. Once you are zoomed in to the airport, you can view the weather, delay information and you search for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, parking lots, cabs, transportation etc in and around that airport with a single tap. This can be done across all airports worldwide. Flight Status & Flight Status Pro are the only apps that provide this level of information in the maps section.

TripIt Integration

For the Flight Status app, we added ‘TripIt Sync’ as an InApp purchase. If you are a TripIt user, we highly recommend it. If you don’t use TripIt and are not familiar with it, you should check it out. It is a cool service.

Other Changes

Apart from these key changes, we added ton of new features – major and minor. TripIt users will now be able to view their Booking info, Passenger Info etc in the Flight Status page. We also added an option to add notes for every flights. We made several changes under the hood to improve the performance and usability of the app.

We hope you like this update. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.


3 comments so far

  1. Alan on

    Hi there – I love Flight Status for the iPhone, I’ve been using it for years now. But there’s definitely a problem with the latest version for released this weekend – it crashes upon launching, after displaying a blank screen for a second or two. I’ve done a double-reset of my iPhone, but still he same problem. Hopefully you can fix it before I go traveling next week!
    Phone: iPhone 3Gs
    OS: iOS 4.1

  2. Krishna on


    Sorry about this. There seem to be an issue which was not caught in our testing. One way to fix this is to delete the app and reinstall it. This should fi the issue. Please note that if you delete the app, you’ll loose existing data in the trips section. You’ll have to reenter the data again.

  3. […] September 20, 2010 Filed under: TouchMeme, appstore, iPad, iPhone, travel | When we launched our 7.0 update to Flight Status, several users complained about a crash issue. This issue occurred when some of our users […]

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