Photo Share: Now available on iPad

Here we are again with yet another application available on the iPad. Photo Share, our photo sharing application is now available as a universal app. This means you can not only transfer photos from your iPad to Flickr & Facebook,  but you can also transfer photos between your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch…all with a flick.

The application is now available on AppStore for just $0.99.


5 comments so far

  1. Marco on

    Hey Guys,

    just bought this app and tried to transfer one photo from my iPhone to my iPad and it closed the app a couple of times. I rebooted the iPhone and tried again and it took over 10 minutes to do just one photo. This is on my personal Wi-Fi, is this the performance I should expect??? Cant image how long it would take to transfer 5 or more photos! am I doing something wrong here?

    • Marco on

      by the way the photo that I was able to transfer came in the ipad with the wrong orientation!!!!

  2. Krishna on

    Sorry about this. We are currently looking into this issue.

  3. Michelle on

    Can you transfer an entire album at one time or do you have to move one picture at a time? I am asking about the step before I transfer the picture to Flickr, Tweeter, etc.

  4. Krishna on

    Currently, it can upload photos, not albums. We are planning to add this moving forward.

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