Flight Status Update: Now available on iPhone & iPad

We launched the version 6 for our Flight Status app. After 2 years, we now revamped the interface completely and also added support for iPad with a unique interface.

The interface is also consistent with our iPad version. We basically took the approach of displaying the information as an Airline Itinerary. While this design may not be very noticeable on the iPhone version, because of size, you certainly can notice the design prominently on the iPad.

This updates also keeps our Flight Status & Flight Status Pro application interfaces consistent. We hope you like the change. If you like the changes to the app, please drop us a feedback. We will continue improving the app based on your feedback.


8 comments so far

  1. Frank Algermissen on

    Great App, nevertheless: WHERE is the Push Service? Don’t you think this is a standard for this kind of app and price ?

  2. Krishna on


    Thank you for your comment.

    Offering push notification is not an technical issue. But it is a business decision. In the long run, it is not financially viable for us to offer this feature as every request is going to cost us. There are some apps that offer this feature, but they are betting on being on the top in the long run, which I think is not feasible. We would rather not offer a feature that could break the bank for the whole app. We want to offer the app and keep improving it for a long time. We will add this feature once we find the right model that works for us as well as our customers.

  3. Frank Algermissen on

    Hi Krishna,

    thanks for the feedback. Well, I can understand your point of view – on the one hand. On the other you also should watch from the customer side. The App (Pro Version) is not really cheap and therefor it should give you the best features which are possible at the time.

    Why don’t you think about a separate In-App-Purchase-Option? People who really like / need the Push feature would be ready to pay extra, I am quite sure. So you have a financially re-investment of your costs and the customer a must have feature especially for a business app where the note that a flight has delay etc. is very important.

    May you also have a look to all these other apps like Yak & Co. which works as real “SMS-Push-Machines” – but they just cost 99¢ 😉

  4. Krishna on


    You raise a good point and that is in fact the direction we are planning to take. We are looking at offering ‘Push Notification Pack’ which could track up to 10 or 20 flights for a minimal fee. This way, we are not struck with a perpetual license and customers can choose to buy this pack if they need it.

    We will offer this moving forward. Pushing the notifications doesn’t cost us much. It is obtaining the right information from the sources that costs us.

    Also, you mentioned that Flight Status Pro is not cheap. I am curious on your feedback on what you think is the right price for what it offers.

  5. Frank Algermissen on

    Sounds good to me and probably all other business customers. Would be great to hear news or some planned milestones about this in your blog / Twitter Channel.

    Regarding to the price: well, apps at the range above 5 € are mostly great games, remote apps etc. Nevertheless: I AM already a client and bought your app, so I also saw / see the quality compared to http://www.mobiata.com/apps/flighttrackpro-iphone for example 😉 If you now will add this main feature “Push” I am sure it will be the best flight tracking app in the App Store (for me) 😉

  6. Krishna on


    We are constantly improving the app and it is tough to lay out any particular plans. One thing I can guarantee is that the apps will continue to improve. There are few issues that needs to be fixed in the short run which we plan to take take in the next couple of updates. There will be some new feature to the app too (nothing major in the short term though).

  7. HansHans on

    great App, i would love to use it.
    I bought WorldMate which uses this software, but there are not as much functions as in your full software.
    Why don’t you develop this app for Windows Mobile…?
    For WM there is nothing available =(
    Thank you.

  8. Krishna on


    Thank you for your feedback. We don’t have any immediate plans to develop the software for Windows Mobile. That said, this could change. We certainly want to roll out our apps on multiple platforms. But this might take some time.

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