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Currency Exchange launches on the iPad

Today, our next app for the iPad is approved by Apple – Currency Exchange. This application has been one of our more popular apps on the iPhone and we are excited to bring this to the iPad. The best part is, if you already purchased the iPhone version, the app will be available for free on the iPad.. We are not making you purchase yet another version of those apps for a new device.

So, what does this include? First thing you’ll notice is that we changed our application logo. We hope you’ll like the new one. We used the green color to represent currency and a small conversion icon on top keeping the icon simple. We hope you like it as much as we do.

The important part of this update is obviously the iPad support. Instead of blowing up the same user interface we have for the iPhone, we stepped back and decided to take a fresh start on currency iPad design. So instead of having those huge buttons fill your iPad screen, we decided to offer the option to view multiple currency conversions in a single shot with an intuitive design. We believe we achieved this design keeping things simple and real.

We also kept the features intact. Like the charts you are used to in the iPhone version, you can click on the small chart icon on an item to view weekly chart of the conversion. We don’t have any limits on the number of items you can have in the app.

We put in some effort in the design. We think you’ll like this. We’d love your take. If you like the app, drop us a review on iTunes. The app is available here.