The Solitaire: Number 1 Free App on the iPad

We made it. Just in 4 days, The Solitaire application is now the most popular application in the AppStore on iPad. We are extremely excited to say the least.

One of the most requested feature by our users is the 3 card draw option. We are currently working on this. We plan to push it out very soon. There are more goodies coming in for the app. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see additional features, please drop us a line.


3 comments so far

  1. jim on

    how do you switch back and forth from single card to three card draw?

  2. mary on

    I wish you had a difficulty setting. I have played this dozens of times and never can win, other than the first time I played. Feels planned.
    Glad it is free, but would pay a buck or two for better choices.

  3. […] then, the application bubbled to the top. It was the #1 Free App on the AppStore for the iPad for about a week. As you can imagine, we are extremely excited about the app and the number of […]

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