Four Apps for iPad

For the iPad launch early this week, we introduced 4 applications. Three of these apps are new and one is an existing app.

Flight Status Pro

We launched a new ‘Flight Status Pro‘ application (iTunes link) which is the pro version of our Flight Status app. This app is available as a universal app – available on iPad, iPhone & iPod. Additional details about this app is available here.


The first application we ever launched was the unit converter application which is now available on iPad as well as a universal app (iTunes link). Additional details of this app are available here.

Solitaire & Peg Solitaire

For the first time, we introduced two games. Given the gorgeous screen on the iPad, we couldn’t resist. Both apps are available in iPad for $0.99. Check out the Solitaire page (iTunes link) & Peg Solitaire – BrainVita page (iTunes link) for additional details.

We are excited about iPad. We plan to expand our apps for the device. Some of these apps will be new ones while others will be existing apps that’ll evolve as universal apps. We hope you’ll find these apps useful. If you have any additional requests, please drop us a line.


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