Introducing Airport Info

At TouchMeme, we have been focusing on creating a broad set of apps in the travel category. Expanding on this focus, we are introducing yet another new app in the travel category – Airport Info.

This new application provides information within and around airports. The application supports over 4500 airports around the world. For each of these airports, it displays information about all incoming and outgoing flights. The information includes flight status information, delays, terminal, gate, baggage info etc. It also displays flight maps of all flights. Displaying the status of all flights flying in and out of an airport is an important part of this application.

Expanding on the flight status information, the application also shows departure and arrival delays for airports in US. Weather (forecast) information is also available for US airports. Beyond this, the application lets you search for Hotel, Car Rentals, Transportation, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Parking Spots in and around the airport. This information is displayed in an interactive map as well as in a list view. Contact info is provided for each of the locations and directions can be obtained to this location by linking it to the built in Maps app.

This new apps packs features and I hope you’ll like the app as much as we do. The application is currently available on AppStore for $1.99. Additional information about this app is available here. iTunes link is here.


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