Photo Share: New iPhone App for sharing & uploading photos

photoshareAfter a series of updates, we just rolled out a new iphone application approved. Photo Share – An easier way to upload and share photos from your iPhone. The application is now approved by Apple and is currently available on AppStore for $2.99.

Here is some additional information about this application.


We are excited about this new application and we think it has great interface and very good and simple usability. The way you use the app is simple. To add a photo to the work area, use the ‘+’ button on the top. Once you have photos in the work area, the app supports multi-touch. This means you can move, rotate, zoom photos.

The application has options to upload photos to Flickr & Facebook. If you have another user in the same WiFi network with this application, you can also share photos with those users. Uploading or Sharing photos is very easy. Just select the target on the top and flick/push the photo towards the target to share/upload photos.

3The best way to experience this application is by trying it. Photo Share is currently available on AppStore for $2.99. If you like the app, please drop a review. We look forward to your feedback.


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