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Introducing Units: The Unit Converter

We are excited to announce a new addition to our iPhone application set – Units: Unit Converter. This Unit Converter application is the 15th app form us. This application is special because the first app we did was a unit converter app. Converter was our first iPhone app, but when we developed that app, we didn’t have any experience in developing apps for iPhone. Since then, we added another 13 apps and gained good experience developing unique apps with unique user interfaces. Our recent release Photo Share are good example for this.

Unit Converter comes with a unique UI – with just horizontal scrolling and it remembers all your previous selections. It has all 18+ categories you’ll fine in our other converter app with conversions between 200+ units.

Additional details about this new app are available here. This app is currently available on AppStore for $0.99.


Apple changes the way it handles AppStore updates, freaks out developers

Yesterday, a few of my updates to my existing applications were approved by Apple. I was excited to see the approval and made some changes to the date in iTunes Connect so that they show up in iTunes under their respective categories. To my surprise, they didn’t show up in iTunes. I gave it a day to see if it helps. Nope. Apple changed the way it handle updates and this is BIG blow to the iPhone developers.

Changed Behavior for Application Updates:

Previously when a developer updates an application, the updated app used to show up in the main category page in iTunes. This meant better visibility to the updated application which resulted in good spike in sales whenever an update is rolled out. These spikes in sales during the updates was the key motivation for developers to keep pushing out updates and to keep improving the apps.

With this new ‘upgrade’, newly updated applications don’t show up in iTunes category page. This means, when a developer updates an application, the update will be pushed directly to existing users and that’s pretty much it. There is no way for new users to know about those newly added features/improvements. Apple killed the key motivation for developers to improve apps, which I think is a BIG mistake.

When developers don’t have any motivation to improve existing apps, the quality of existing apps will suffer. Also, because new apps get good real-estate in AppStore, developers will focus on creating new apps rather than improving existing ones.

But, seriously, do we need more apps in AppStore? It currently has over 100K apps. Isn’t it time to focus on quality, rather than quantity? I talked about this earlier. Unfortunately, with this new move, AppStore will officially turn into a CrapStore very soon.

Developers Feedback?

As you can expect, iPhone developers are pissed. There are many threads in iPhone Dev Forums expressing concern on this new move. Here are few comments from developers.

All 99,000+ apps that are not on the top lists are now poo.

Way to go, Apple!

I agree…if updated apps are no longer listed under release date then this has to be the saddest day for the app store developer community.

If the whole thing is not just a temporary bug, I will stop iPhone development and go to Android and Symbian! For real!

There are lot more and we will see more developers yelling at Apple once they start noticing this change.

Not all is Negative

This is not all bad news for all developers. New applications will get better attention. Previously, new apps were hidden among a series of updates of existing apps. This will change now.

If Apple continues to keep this change, my guess is, apps in the Top 100 lists will prosper while all others apps will go down the drain.

What do you think? Do you think this is good/bad?

Photo Share: New iPhone App for sharing & uploading photos

photoshareAfter a series of updates, we just rolled out a new iphone application approved. Photo Share – An easier way to upload and share photos from your iPhone. The application is now approved by Apple and is currently available on AppStore for $2.99.

Here is some additional information about this application.


We are excited about this new application and we think it has great interface and very good and simple usability. The way you use the app is simple. To add a photo to the work area, use the ‘+’ button on the top. Once you have photos in the work area, the app supports multi-touch. This means you can move, rotate, zoom photos.

The application has options to upload photos to Flickr & Facebook. If you have another user in the same WiFi network with this application, you can also share photos with those users. Uploading or Sharing photos is very easy. Just select the target on the top and flick/push the photo towards the target to share/upload photos.

3The best way to experience this application is by trying it. Photo Share is currently available on AppStore for $2.99. If you like the app, please drop a review. We look forward to your feedback.