Trips for iPhone launches with TripIt integration

We are very excited to announce the availability of 2.0 version of our Trips App.

This is a complete revamp of our Trips application. We built this version from scratch and added some real cool features along with a great new user interface.

This version integrates TripIt, an online travel itinerary and trip planner which helps you organize your trip. To add a trip to the Trips application, you can enter the details on the phone, on TripIt or simply forward your confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically parse content from a wide range of vendors and prepare the itinerary automatically for you.

The app has many few features. The flights section now includes maps for En Route flights flying from/to US. We also included three new categories for Cruise, Train and Car. This makes it 9 categories in total and in fact, we download information from TripIt in all these nine categories.

We fixed several issues in the app. We also added many small features you requested.

While this update took much longer than expected, we certainly hope it is worth it. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.


2 comments so far

  1. Jorge Souss on

    You had indicated (via return email to me) that the new version would have a Notes field in every category. To my surprise the field is still lacking from the Flights category. This disallows entering important flight info such as seat assignment, food service, ticket price, etc.

    Furthermore, while there is a title for an Arrival Time field, the app is lacking an imput screen therefor (or, at least, I have been unable to locate it – and you have not replied to my email inquiry on the subject).

    There is also a Flight Duration field that I guess should be a calculated field, which naturaly remains blank, as there is no arrival data to use in the calculation.

  2. touchmeme on


    Sorry about this. Both Notes section and Arrival Time will be included in our next update. We will soon be pushing out an update.

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