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Next Flight in PC Mag

Our Next Flight app is listed in PC Mag among many other travel apps. Complete article here.

Next Flight ($2.99, Should you get bumped from a flight and need to find another one, this app is for you. It provides access to all the flights from all airlines and shows the next flight out to your destination.


Trips for iPhone launches with TripIt integration

We are very excited to announce the availability of 2.0 version of our Trips App.

This is a complete revamp of our Trips application. We built this version from scratch and added some real cool features along with a great new user interface.

This version integrates TripIt, an online travel itinerary and trip planner which helps you organize your trip. To add a trip to the Trips application, you can enter the details on the phone, on TripIt or simply forward your confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically parse content from a wide range of vendors and prepare the itinerary automatically for you.

The app has many few features. The flights section now includes maps for En Route flights flying from/to US. We also included three new categories for Cruise, Train and Car. This makes it 9 categories in total and in fact, we download information from TripIt in all these nine categories.

We fixed several issues in the app. We also added many small features you requested.

While this update took much longer than expected, we certainly hope it is worth it. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

One year into AppStore…

AppStore celebrated its first birthday very recently and what a ride it has been for Apple, iPhone, Developers, the ecosystem and the complete industry. The past year has been a great progress in mobile computing and AppStore obviously proved to be extremely successful with over 56,000 Applications and 1.5 Billion AppStore downloads. Congrats to Apple for changing the mobile market forever.


With over 56,000 applications and growing at ever faster pace, how will AppStore look a year from now is hard to imagine. My guess is, AppStore will become more diluted and a messy place with countless number of apps – unless Apple makes some changes in the way they approve apps and comes up with a better way of listing apps.

When I say AppStore will be filled with unlimited number of apps, I almost mean it. To give you an example, let us look at the ‘Travel’ category in AppStore. There are 172 pages of Apps with each page holding 20 apps. That is basically 3440 Apps in travel category. Now, if an app has to make it to the top 100 in that category, it probably needs to sell less than 10 units a day. So imagine how many units the other 3300+ apps selling. But that is not the point. The point is the kind of applications that are making their way onto the AppStore in this category. If you notice, a majority of apps in this category are info about cities. This means, there is an app for almost every city. I mean, an app for EVERY CITY. So where will this end? Imagine the state of the AppStore when every city has an App and the difficulty end users will face to find other apps among this App Jungle.

This is a good problem to have for Apple. But this has to be addressed by Apple soon. The focus for AppStore now has to be on Quality and not Quantity. Its time for the next major update, Apple.

Next Flight: #1 among National Geographic’s Top 20 Travel Apps

When a brand like National Geographic creates a list of Top 20 Travel Apps and when our app is listed in there, it is encouraging. When our app is listed as #1 App in the list, is is AWESOME. This is what happened recently when National Geographic launched the list of Top 20 Travel apps

We are very glad to see our Next Flight application listed as #1 app on their list. This is what they say…

Got bumped? Leaving early? Next Flight tracks scheduled departures from more than 4,200 airports and 1,100 airlines. It sounds overwhelming, but you can filter by carrier. $2.99

Thank you NatGeo.