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Video: Currency Exchange & Flight Status Review

Not very often someone does a good review of your apps. Here is a video that reviews two of our Apps – Currency Exchange & Flight Status. While it doesn’t cover all the features of the app, it certainly gives you an idea of the overall functionality of the app.


iPhone AppStore should feature Apps for each Category

AppStore has had many success stories. In almost all the cases, the applications have been featured by Apple in AppStore either through ‘Staff Favorites’ or ‘What’s Hot’ section or other places on iTunes AppStore home page.

Basically, if an application is featured, its sales go up dramatically. I don’t have the numbers to prove it, but in my observation I have seen apps raise to top 5 in each category, when featured. After Apple stops featuring an app, I have seen an App drop even from the top 100 for that category, a slide from Top 5. The Apps Apple chooses to feature almost seem random. Though I have seen some great apps featured, I have also seen some less desirable apps featured.

In other words, to some extent, Apple kind of defines the success of the Applications in AppStore. For those whose apps are not featured, they are obviously disappointed. I sure am one among them. My apps have been featured in Apple’s retail stores and even installed on some of the iPhone displayed there. Unfortunately, none of my apps were featured in AppStore on iTunes. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I’ll be lucky some day.

That said, there is one key functionality I am looking for. Adding featured apps per category. The current featured apps in AppStore home page serves the following…

– It features some great apps
– Easy way for end users to notice good apps rather than search for them
– Featured apps bring in good revenue to Developers & Apple

Obviously, Apple cannot feature all apps as there are tens of thousands of apps across all categories. So the questions is, why not feature apps based on category. Now there are enough apps in each category, it makes perfect sense to feature some apps in those categories. It is important for both Apple and App Developers to get some iTunes real-estate. As the sales goes up, it is going to help the entire iPhone eco-system

What I am asking here is not something new. Infact, I just noticed that this is already available for the Games category which is the most popular category in AppStore. I am hoping that Apple will add ‘What’s Hot’, New & Noteworthy’ and other sections to the home pages of individual categories.

This will be a good way for featuring good apps and making it easier for users to find good apps as browsing apps in over 100 pages is not an option.