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iPhone’s Rating Issue

Lately I have seen some very good written reviews on some of my apps, but the ratings have been low. If you look at ‘The Currency Converter‘ app for example, there are more than 10 written reviews in AppStore and there is no rating with less than 4 stars. But when we look at user’s ratings, it tells a completely different story.


When users delete the app, Apple asks users to rate that app. The ratings you see above is a result of these ratings.


This ratings dialog comes in when a user deletes an app. Obviously, when a user is deleting the app, in more cases, the rating is going to be negative. There is nothing wrong with collecting feedback during approach, but it is not balanced enough. Apple doesn’t collect feedback in any other mode except this. If feedback is collected similarly if a user opens the app more than 10 times, then it becomes balanced as feedback will collected while the user is happy with app as well as when the user deletes the app. But when feedback is collected only when the user deletes the app, it is going to be biased, and mostly on the negative side.

I hope Apple improves the way they handle this ratings system.