iTunes AppStore Numbers

I came across this presentation form Morgan Stanley and noticed some interesting stats regarding iTunes AppStore. Here are couple of slides….(credit Morgan Stanley).



Here are few points I found interesting…

  • 74% of the Apps in AppStore are paid apps. This is good news for developers
  • The average price of paid apps in each category is greater than what I expected. In the travel category, where we have apps in, the average price of the app is $5.09 which is more than I expected. Interestingly, the verge price of apps in Medical category is $22.01
  • While we find that AppStore is almost filled with Games, that infact is not the case. It looks like 14% of the apps are games. Without these numbers, I thought it would be around 30%
  • There are around 13 Apps purchased per users. This is a good and encouraging number for developers
  • The number of apps released month over month have been accelerating at a great pace

Do you see any interesting things from these numbers?


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