New APIs in iPhone 3.0s

As you know, Apple rolled out the preview version of iPhone 3.0 today. There has been lot of talk about all the features in many of the sites today. As a developer, I’d like to add my perspective on what excites me the most.

Subscription Pricing

For Applications like Flight Status, we have to pay the backend data provider based on usage. For this reason, one time paid model doesn’t work for us. Subscription is the right way to do this. This was one of my first feature request for Apple and I am glad Apple is including this 3.0

Maps API

This is great stuff. According to Apple, you can use the awesome Google Maps app inside your application. I think this can do wonders if the apps use them right.

Push Notifications

This is great feature Apple promised last September and they finally promised to deliver. Better late than never. I am glad to see this and it can be put to great use by various applications.

In App Email

I don’t think Apple talked about this feature today, but this is another great feature. This is a problem today where an app has to be closed to open up an email app when you provide email option in your app. If Apple provided an API for this, it is going to be another excellent option.

These are some of the features that excited me as a developer. Ofcourse, as an end user, I am excited about features like MMS, Horizontal Keyboard, Cut/Copy/Paste (to be honest, I almost never needed it) etc

Now, I only wish the iPhone Developer Site is up to start kicking tires.

How about you? Did any of the features interest you?


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