WSJ: Five Best iPhone Travel Apps – Trips & Next Flight Included

Watt Street Journal talked about five reader-approved travel apps for iPhone and we are happy to see two of our applications listed among the five. Trips and Next Flight applications are included in the list. This is what WSJ says about these apps


Trips: Travelers can enter their itineraries — airline, hotel, car rental reservations, etc. — and stay abreast of developments, changes, delays and so forth. “I’ve been thrilled with it,” said Florida-based reader Steve Urquhart in his recommendation. The program, which costs $9.99, requires a little bit of work upfront to enter your info, but after that Urquhart says it’s a pretty convenient tool that lets you email your updated itinerary to others, among other things. “It’s really, I think, a well put together platform,” he told the Terminal in a quick telephone chat

Next Flight:

NextFlight: Offers users a way to quickly watch flights between two locations and monitor their status. “Comes in handy when you need airlines to reschedule because of weather/delays,” writes Benet Wilson, a fellow airline blogger who suggested this app, priced at $2.99.

Thank you Steve and Benet for recommending our apps. As always, these apps will keep getting better.


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  1. Cindy on

    I am going to bookmark this for sure 😉

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