iPhone 3.0 – Preview Next Week

If you haven’t heard, Apple just sent out invitations to media regarding an iPhone 3.0 preview event.


This is great news. I can’t wait to see what’s in 3.0. The previous major version, 2.0 introduced AppStore. What will 3.0 introduce? I suspect 3.0 could also be optimized for TouchBook as well. May be this is the starting point for AppStore for upcoming TouchBook. Ok, enough with my predictions.

May be not…

One of the reasons I think they are calling this a preview because I assume they wanted to give developers an early heads up before they include this version in their June revamp of the iPhone. I foresee some serious improvements to the way iPhone handles graphics. As we know, Games are the most succesful apps on iPhone. I assume improved graphic in 3.0 will make it even better. Considering the importance Apple is giving for third party apps in their video ads and retail store promotions, I suspect this event will try to reach out to these developers.

Ofcourse, I still hope to see push notifications, video recording API etc included in 3.0. Can’t wait for the preview. What do you think? What do you expect to see in 3.0?


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