Apple’s TouchBook and AppStore?

There has been lot of talk recently about Apple’s upcoming NetBook with Touch capability. I’d like to call it TouchBook. While there has been good amount of rumors so far, I absolutely have no doubt that Apple (and others) will launch a touch device. Not only the patents Apple filed point us in this direction, but we can clearly see that this is the direction the industry is moving.

So far, we have been dealing with intermediate input devices like Mouse & Keyboard to interact with the computers. Its about time we interact with them directly through Touch and Voice and we see that Apple, Microsoft and many others are moving in this direction.

All of these make me believe that a TouchBook (or whatever Apple calls it – Newton?) is the future and I am pretty sure Apple will lead/show us the way. It may not be out some time this year as many people expected, but I think it’ll certainly be out sooner or later.

iphoneebooksmallImage Gizmodo

While the device can be useful in many ways, I think the real power of such a device will be exposed when they include AppStore. As we know, Games are the killer apps in AppStore. Now, imagine what similar games – just more powerful in your hand-held device with better graphics capability – on such a device will do. Ofcourse, the AppStore will bring in unlimited possibilities to such a device. I think this could end up being the next generation gaming device which can be docked onto your large screen or TV.


Image Gizmodo

The possibilities of such a device are limitless. I can’t wait to see just the device, but the AppStore for such a device. Go Apple.


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