AppStore’s Feedback System can use some improvements

There has been some good discussion going on in blogosphere regarding AppStore’s feedback system. From a developer’s perspective, I want to add in my views.

The current version of review system still needs improvements. Apple has been making good progress as we speak, but there is a fundamental change in handling feedback that is needed for AppStore compared to other sections in iTunes like Movies or Music.

In case of Movies or Music, the content never changes. The publisher posts a movie or a song and the song itself never changes. The reviews provided by the users kind of stays true for the life time of the movie/song. This is certainly not the case for applications in AppStore. There could a negative feedback on the first version of the application. The developer could’ve fixed it in the subsequent version, but this is not reflected in the feedback. More often than not, the reviewer never comes back to edit a review even after several updates to the application. This kind of leaves the review system to the disadvantage of the developer and even the user because the info is outdated. I myself see this in reviews of my app where a negative review of the first version stays on the top even after this the issues mentioned in the review have been fixed.

One option to work around the problem in the current review system is to display the latest feedback first. Displaying appropriate feedback is very important especially for a system like AppStore as purchasing decisions purely depend on it in many cases. I hope Apple finds a way to improve this system.


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  1. Eric Vitiello on

    Even better, each comment should be marked with the version of the app that the user has, that way people can judge the relevance.

  2. touchmeme on

    Yes Eric. I completely agree.

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  4. touchmeme on


    Looks like Apple heard you. They now added the version number beside each review.

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