The Currency Converter – Launched

We launched a new Currency Converter application which provides you up to date conversion from a base currency to multiple currencies.


More information about this application including screenshots is available here. The application is available on AppStore for $0.99 in Finance category.


2 comments so far

  1. Michael on


    I’ve just downloaded the converter app ready for my trip to Dubai, Turkey & Croatia in a week, and tried it straight away.

    I’ve made the primary currency the Australian dollar and below it added the Croatian Kuna, UAE Dirham, Turkish Lira to convert the AU currency. This all seemed fine.

    I then added the Australian currency to the bottom conversion area to prepare for the reverse conversion of ‘whatever’ into AU dollars.

    After this I looked at the conversion of $100 Australian dollars to Australia dollars and the result was $94.183!!

    How can this be? And how can I now trust the conversion on the rest of the currencies, particularly when I am on my trip??

    Please let me know as soon as possible!


  2. touchmeme on


    Sorry about this issue. I just tried the exact scenario you mentioned to see if there is an issue. On my end, it worked fine.

    Can you try opening the app, leave it open a minute and see if you are seeing the same issue? When you keep the app open for some time, it downloads the latest conversion information. Can you please send us a screen shot if possible if you still see the same issue?

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