The Date Calculator for iPhone & iPod Touch

We added a new application – The Date Calculator – for iPhone & iPod Touch. This simple app is priced at $0.99 and comes with four useful date tools.

  • Age Calculator
  • Duration Calculator
  • When Tool
  • Countdown Tool

he Age Calculator tool lets you know your age by Years, Months and Dates once you provide your birthday. The Duration tool informs you the number of Years, Months and Days between two given dates. The When tool gives you a date ‘x’ number of days earlier/later. The Countdown tool tells you the number of days/months/years left to a given date.


Please give this new app a try and let us know your feedback. The app is currently available on AppStore.


3 comments so far

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  2. John K. Akpalu, Esq. on

    It will be good if the Date Calculator will also show the number of weeks between two dates. Workers’ Compensation Claimants, for example are paid based on the number of weeks they have been out of work and attorneys need to know the weeks in order to determine how much money will move to the claimant. You will garner a lot more sales if you include this.

  3. touchmeme on

    Thank you for your feedback John. We will include this in upcoming updates.

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