In the past 2-3 weeks we made several updates to many of TouchMeme applications. Here are some of the updates…

  • Currency Exchange received two updates. Both these updates primarily focused on adding new currencies to the list. We also made some other minor enhancements like expanding the Currency Name, adding an About screen for each feedback etc. There are more exciting updates coming to the app going forward
  • Flight Status 3.2 has some very exciting features in the app. The key addition includes addition of Maps to the application. For En Route flights in US, the application now shows maps. We also added a Horizontal screen for the Flight Status screen. Tilt your phone horizontally to view all the details of the flight in a new ways. Again, for En Route flights, you have an option to view the map for US flights. The app also remembers your recently used Airports & Airlines. There are several other minor enhancements to the app in this version. We hope you’ll like these.
  • The Next Flight application has some new changes as well. It has some new airports and it can now remember recently used airports and airlines, similar to the Flight Status application.

Apart from these recent updates, we also pushed out an update to our Flights app where we added 1000+ flights to the database. The update will most likely be out tomorrow (atleast, we are hoping, if there are no surprises).

We hope you like some of these changes. There are many updates coming to other apps.


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