AppStore Experiences

In the last 5 months we have rolled out 8 applications (to be 9 soon) on AppStore and we think we got some decent understanding on the market and the opportunity. We have had very succesful applications, decently succesful apps and not so succesful ones, but we are proud of all the apps we put out.

Here is a quick summary of my experiences on AppStore. You may not agree with these, but I just wanted to share.

  • If you think you can quit your job and make your living on AppStore sales, don’t do that yet.
  • If you think you can build a business on AppStore, it is going to be one hell of a road. For now, I don’t think you can run  a 10 people business selling apps on AppStore.
  • Don’t be fooled by first weeks or first months sales. What really matters is the average sales every month and the trend
  • Play for the longer term. Better apps evolve over time and bad apps eventually die. If you play for the long term, your might be one of the better ones and the sales will eventually go up
  • Expect competition, and lots of them. You’ll find competition offer it cheaper and you’ll find their sales exceed your sales many times. Remember the basic rule, in the longer term, the best app wins
  • You sure can sell your app just for looks, but longer term, the app has to be useful. If not, it’ll be forgotten soon
  • AppStore is improving very rapidly (every week) and expect it to get only better. I see only one goal for AppStore – better apps bubbling app. I see AppStore being enhanced towards this goal
  • Once you have an app out there, listen to your users. Let them drive the roadmap for your app
  • Analyze your sales daily and observe your trends. They’ll leave some interesting clues
  • Let the app do the talking. Build a great app and keep it improving and the rest will follow.

These are just a few points on top on my mind I wanted to share. More later…


4 comments so far

  1. Carla White on

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I just submitted my first app for approval and have found the whole process enlightening. I’m sure I’ll really start learning once it’s out on the market. Thanks again. Great list!

  2. touchmeme on

    Congrats on the release Carla.

  3. azeemazhar on

    What is the best route for an app? Your apps are mostly micro-app like–in the sense the focus on a very tightly defined problem (and that is all).

    Apps on PCs tend to be broader based than that. Is it because appstore economics won’t support the investment into larger apps? Or is it because iPhone users are looking for highly targeted apps?

  4. touchmeme on

    @azeemazhar I think the applications in mobile devices should take a different approach than traditional desktop apps. In my view, if a mobile application tries to do too much, it will fail. They have to do one thing and one thing really well.

    There are a broad range of mobile apps. Some that complement desktop apps, some that complement web apps, some that exclusively provide value on being mobile and some apps are good to have them handy in a mobile device. Each of these use cases differ.

    I don’t think there is silver bullet. Just go with your gut. I surely do.

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