AppStore on iPhone improves category based listing

AppStore now has better listing of application with the recent 2.2 update. The changes are available on AppStore on the iPhone.

When applications are listed based on popularity in iTunes, the listing combines both Free Apps and Paid Apps. Not surprisingly, most of the top 25 Apps are paid apps leaving no visibility to the paid apps. I believe this behavior is about to change in iTunes if we consider the recent changes in AppStore on iPhone & Apple’s website as clues.

When you browse the applications by Category in the new AppStore on mobile device, you now have options to order the apps by popularity (Free and Paid) and by Release date. This gives options to the user which was not available previously.


Infact, the hints of this came earlier this week when Apple made some changes in the AppStore section of the website where they sorted the most popular apps by paid and free category.


Now that we have seen this behaviour in two places, I guess we can expect to see these changes in iTunes very soon. Keep these enhancements coming Apple.


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