Flight Status 3.0 Steps Out

Our best selling application so far – Flight Status – now has new enhancements and is now available in its 3.0 version. We made some enhancements to the core Flight Status application and also the Trips module. Here are the highlights of the updates for 3.0

Core Flight Status Application:

  • As an easy way to see the actual flight timings, we are now highlighting the timings in colors – based on the status of the flight. If your flight is delayed, you’ll notice that the timing will be highlighted in red.
  • The departure date will set to the current date by default if you had an older date from an older lookup

Trips Module:

We borrowed several enhancements from our Trips application and included them here in Flight Status app. Here are some highlights.

  • Data is now automatically saved in Trips module for each flight entry
  • A new Summary screen now shows all flights in your trip sorted by date
  • A new Flight Details page is added in the trips module to view additional details of the flight before you check the flight status
  • You can now edit an existing flight in Trips module without having to delete it
  • A Confirmation dialog is added before deleting a trip



We hope you’ll like the enhancements to our Flight Status app.


1 comment so far

  1. scott on

    I can’t seem to enter the letter L so I can’t get to Cleveland airport (CLE).

    Also, I tried to search for Continental flight 735 and it won’t enter the number 5.

    What’s going on?

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