AppStore update to fix issues this weekend

If you are an iPhone Developer who rolled out an update or a new app this week and don’t see your apps/updates on AppStore, you are one of the developers victim to an issue in AppStore that was introduced last week.

I see two issues with the recent AppStore update…

  1. Recent updates are not reflected in AppStore
  2. New & approved apps not showing up in AppStore

I noticed the first issue recently. After we rolled out Trips 1.1, it was approved by Apple but didn’t show up in AppStore. However, when I install the application on the iPhone, the 1.1 version actually shows up on the phone even when the AppStore (both iTunes & iPhone versions) shows the version as 1.0. Looks like this is a new bug introduced in the latest AppStore update. When I talked to Apple Support about this, they said that it should be fixed this weekend.

One of my friend noticed this second issue. If you launched new applications, they are not showing up on AppStore despite their approval. I guess there could be some other important issue behind this and Apple is controlling the roll out. I’ll not be surprised if a ton of apps show up this weekend after they fix the issues.

It could be that these two issues are connected. Lets hope that Apple will be fixing these issues soon.

Update: Apple fixed the issues mentioned in the post. Glad to see the change. Now Trips 1.1 is live.


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