Apple Changes AppStore behavior on iPhone

Looks like Apple silently made some changes to the AppStore on the iPhone. The changes were primarily on listing the applications in individual categories.

Earlier when you enter a category in AppStore from your iPhone (or iPod Touch) all applications in that category used to be listed. That is no longer the case. By default only 25 applications are listed now in each category. User can click on ‘Twenty Five More’  to see additional 25 application. You can go on this way only to see the recent 100 applications.


I think not good for both end users and for developers. Why? This is because end users will only be able to view the recent applications (in each category) and older applications (even better ones) will get older with no easy way to access them (except pretty much search). I think this is going to be a serious issues going forward. I’ll talk more on this in a separate post.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


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