Trips 1.1 Approved

Our first update for the Trips application has been approved. For existing customers, the update should be available very soon. This version focuses on improving the stability of the application along with some corrections.

One of the most requested functionality for Trips app was the addition of time field for the flight. Another request was to enhance the user experience for entering flight numbers. Both of these requests were taken care in this update.

The first few updates of the Trips application will focus on some of these basics. The application will then get the features some of you requested.

Thank you for your continued support.


3 comments so far

  1. Darach on

    Nice neat application. It is limiting in the range of Car Rental companies. There is no way to list a rental company not on the list, which means one has to enter a listed company and then the name of the real company in the notes. I rent many times in Spain, and none of their big companies are listed. No one in their right mind would rent from the big US companies there as their rates are more than double the usual Spanish rates.

  2. touchmeme on


    I understand the issue here. Our next version will offer this feature to add custom car rental agencies. The application is evolving. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. […] noticed the first issue recently. After we rolled out Trips 1.1, it was approved by Apple but didn’t show up in AppStore. However, when I install the […]

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