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Rewards: Reward Management App for iPhone – Released

We launched out our new application Rewards today for iPhone and iPod Touch. This is another application that was created to meet our own needs. When we needed an app like this, we hope others like us will find it useful.

Rewards is created for frequent travelers who have accounts with multiple airlines, hotel chains, car rentals, restaurants etc. Instead of having to carry cards or remembering the reward membership numbers for each account, the application saves information for all your accounts in a single place. All you input is the membership ID and it contains other information like contact information, website etc.

The application is elegantly designed with intuitive user interface and comes with an auto-update mechanism where you can drop us a line and we will add the reward that you’d like to see added to the app.

This application is currently available on AppStore. Please try this one and drop us a line if you have anything to say.


AppStore improved approval process

Some of you may know that Apple generally takes about a week or so to approve a new application or an update to an existing app. Looks like iPhone developers need not wait that long anymore to see their app on the AppStore. Base don my observation, Apple did improve something at the back end and is speeding up the process. This is great news for developers who are raring to roll out their new app or an update and even for users who can’t wait to get a fix to their favorite application.

How do we know about the improvements to the approval process? Well, its our experience. We submitted a new application Rewards to AppStore this Saturday and we now see it approved already, early hours of Monday (The app should be live in AppStore in few hours from now, which is typically the case). Frankly, I wan’t expecting the approval email till next Fri/Sat. I was little bit surprised with this.

To reverify this, I sent out an email to one of my friend who also rolled out an app on Saturday and he responded saying that his app was approved on Sunday – that is less than 24 hours after his app was published.

I am glad to see AppStore getting better week after week. I can’t wait to see more improvements coming…..great job Apple.

Trips: Travel Application for iPhone – Released

We released our fourth addition to our application portfolio – Trips. It is approved by Apple and is currently available on AppStore.

After we rolled out our Flight Status application, we got many requests from our users asking us to expand this to other activities involved in a trip. We have listened to your feedback and we rolled out our Trips application and at a very affordable price. We can’t wait to her your feedback on this application.

More details on this application are available here. Screenshots here. If you’d like to see something else, please drop us a line.

Tasks 1.1 Released

The latest version of Tasks (1.1) has been released. This new version has three key changes based on user’s requests.

We added ‘Badges’ for your important tasks. This means your important tasks will now be shown on top of the Tasks icon. Here is the screenshot.

Apart from adding a badge, we also added the ability to clear previously added dates for your tasks. You also have an option to delete a task from the ‘Edit’ option in a task. Apart from these, we made other enhancements improving the stability of the application.