Daily Sales By Country

I previously talked about AppStore Sales by Country. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a BIG difference between US sales versus sales in countries. I think this is party because iPhone was available in US much longer than other countries.

But, how does this look on a daily basis? Here is a chart…

Again, as you see, US dominates the application sales in AppStore. But then, all other countries chip-in to about 30%-40% of the sales. As you’d expect, Australia, UK, Canada etc stand at a distant second to US. It is nice to see the reach you get to a great number of countries through AppStore. This is the key advantage to AppStore right?

My observations are for a fairly generic app. I am sure this varies for US focused apps. I’d like to hear your experiences on the geographical sales front. Any thoughts?


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  1. Rees Evans on

    As an investor in these technologies, I can safely say that the picture will change; eg: there are regular comments within reviews on the UK iTunes/AppSAtore about US apps not addressing the local market properly…
    Usually this is due to the improper or irelevant data being provided (particularly for LBS apps).
    As iPhone takes over the world 🙂 there are major opportunities for those prepared to take the time to understand localised market dynamics and present their product effectively in a globalised fashion

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