Flight Status 2.0 is Released

We are happy to see that Flight Status 2.0 is out. We could have used 1.1 as the version number, but decided against it because we added a new module in the application – Trips.

Before getting into the details of 2.0, I’d like to first talk about an issue we have in 2.0. If you are a 1.0 user and if you update your application, we noticed that the Trips functionality crashes the application. To avoid this, please try to delete 1.0 and go with a fresh 2.0 installation. Because you already have purchased this app, you’ll not be charged again.

Coming back, the ‘Trips’ application lets you create trips and add flights to that trip. This way, you need not enter or remember the flight details to check the flight status. You can now enter all segments of your flights and you are all set.

Apart from the Trips functionality, we enhanced the application further. The crashing issue was solved in this update, Phoenix Airport is now included along with some other missing information and now we show the Terminal information in the flight status.

Apart from these, the 2.0 version includes several other changes to improve the application further. Because we added some significant functionality, we increased the price by $1 for new users.

We hope this application will be further useful. Looking forward to your feedback.


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