AppStore App Sales by Country

I was impressed when John Casasanta from taptaptap announced their sales numbers for their applications. I like their openness and I plan to follow them soon in revealing some of the numbers wherever it makes sense. But in this post, I want to talk about the iPhone App Sales by country.

Its been almost a month that we rolled out the Converter application for iPhone and here is how the sales look by country.

Click on the graph for larger version

As you notice, the difference in sales between countries is HUGE. With over 60% sales, Americans are by far the leading consumers of apps on AppStore followed by UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany etc. But the difference between sales is very visible.

But then, iPhone has been around for over a year in US while that is not the case for other counties. We’ll have to see how the sales in other countries will improve over time.


5 comments so far

  1. Paul R. on

    Thanks for sharing! All your spikes are English-speaking countries. Do you have your interface translated into other languages?

  2. touchmeme on

    @Paul, unfortunately I don’t have stats for non-english speaking countries as all my apps are available in English only.

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  4. James Richardson on

    What use is a graph without a scale.

  5. Tony Wright on

    Would love an update on this. Has the country distribution changed a lot since?

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